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We are delighted to provide you with a comprehensive range of language courses and services to help you achieve your language goals.

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Our Team

"The World is Changing at an Ever- Quickening Rate Which Means that a lot of Knowledge Becomes Obsolete and Inaccurate More Quickly." - Nathan Myhrvold

Our team not only can assist you to improve your language skills but also enhance your language proficiency to equip you for this fast pacing world.

Featured Courses

Foundation (non-credit)

In this course, students will be able to practice four EFL skills using a communication approach. 

Exam Preparation Courses

The course is designed to prepare students for the English proficiency examination. This course focuses on developing the necessary skills and strategies to achieve high scores.

Skill Based Courses

Skill-based courses focusing on Intensive Speaking, Writing, Reading, Grammar, and Email Writing are designed to enhance practical English language skills for personal and professional growth.


Courses for Special Purposes

These courses are tailored to meet the unique demands of different industries, providing targeted language training that supports professional development and effective communication in specialized areas

News & Events

Accent Learning

Join us in our free accent learning course which focuses on pronunciation, stress patterns, intonation, liaisons, and accent-reduction strategies.

IELTS Preparation

Join us for 45-hour EILTS Preparation training! Limited seats available! Siam University students only 6,000 Baht

What Our Students Say

I enrolled in the course with high expectations, and I can confidently say that it not only fulfilled my expectations but also exceeded them. The course has played a pivotal role in enhancing my academic and life skills. Furthermore, the lecturer's approach was both insightful and supportive. The friendly class atmosphere enabled students to express ideas and thoughts openly and to actively engage with each other. The lecturer made the class not only informative but also enjoyable.

Perumal Wisthujaan Advanced English

Before enrolling at LCIC, communicating in English and self-learning were significantly challenging for me. I can say English for Academic Purposes was very transformative as the course focused on enhancing vocabulary, improving sentence structures, and speaking skills. The supportive lecturer played a crucial role in this regard by fostering a positive learning environment. I am grateful for this experience since I am confident that it will greatly benefit my academic journey at Siam University.

Amina Popal English for Academic Purposes

I thoroughly enjoyed the Thai class last semester. The instructor was engaging and the lessons were well-structured. I appreciate the cultural insights integrated into the curriculum. It was also a rewarding experience that enhanced my Thai communication skills and cultural understanding.

Faisal Nadabo Thai Usage for Communication

As a native English speaker I thought learning more about English would be impossible, but in this course I was able to further my writing and speaking skills more than ever before. With thorough learning of the rules and regulations of writing & presenting, I’m more confident now in a professional setting to write a riveting report or make a persuading presentation.

Luca Mattia Riva Advanced English

"I highly commend the Japanese course at LCIC. The course provided a clear and engaging introduction to the language. The incorporation of various interactive elements such as games and conversations has rendered the learning process both memorable and enjoyable. Without hesitation, I do recommend this course to anyone considering learning Japanese."

Jaeseop Lee Japanese I

If you lack confidence in speaking, I highly recommend joining the intensive speaking course. It goes beyond a typical speaking course where you can discuss various topics from different perspectives. In my case, I comprehended well but struggled with speaking so the lecturer customized the course to suit my individual needs. This approach was highly effective for me. I've made significant progress, and I'm grateful for what I learned in this course.

Thunder Yee Intensive Speaking

Before taking this course, I thought it would be more about basic grammatical structures and vocabulary. But at the end of the course, I was very satisfied with the course materials, teaching techniques and overall learning experience. The curriculum was well-structured to help us with reading comprehension and writing assignments for our future academic years and career. I feel like my writing skills improved a lot after taking this course.

HtetOo WaiYan English for Academic Purposes

This Course was quite the challenge! In the same breath, I'm very thankful for how it was taught and brought to life by the lecturers. By the end of the course, there were noticeable improvements in my analytical and thinking skills which was only possible due to the comprehensive course content and the effectiveness of the lectures' teaching methods. Thank you Ajarns, I'll certainly miss our sessions!

Akalia Jackson English for Professional Purposes

The lecturer demonstrated exceptional professionalism in her teaching approach, presenting the material in a manner that was highly accessible and easily comprehensible. I take great pride in having her as my English lecturer, as she has significantly contributed to my language-learning journey. I am eagerly looking forward to experiencing more lectures at Siam University by professors of similar caliber who possess extensive expertise in their respective fields.

Ramchandra Giri English for Academic Purposes

Before studying in LCIC, it was really hard for me to communicate in English and to learn English on my own. So I applied to study English Foundation course. This course was one of the most interesting courses that I have ever passed. It improved my vocabulary, sentence structure, and speaking skill. The lecturer kept encouraging me in class and she was really nice. I am very glad that I took the course. I am sure it will help me a lot during my journey at Siam University.

Sudarat Nurit English Foundation

My experience of learning English at LCIC was truly enriching. The teaching style captivated my attention as it focused on discussing a new topic every week. The thought-provoking questions engaged me and made the discussion lively and interesting. Additionally, the emphasis on improving different skills further strengthened my overall language proficiency. I am grateful for the invaluable learning experience I gained in this course.

Udit Rampati Sahani English for Academic Purposes

I recently took the Thai Usage for Communication course, and it was an exceptional experience. The professors' expertise as a native, engaging teaching style, comprehensive curriculum, and emphasis on speaking skills made the course both enjoyable and effective. I got opportunities to practice Thai in very supportive learning environment. I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in learning Thai and exploring Thai culture. As someone who is passionate about learning languages, this course fulfilled my expectations in every way.

Chit Su Wai Thai Usage for Communication

I appreciated the fact that the course wasn't limited to grammar and vocabulary. The course contained the right amount of new information, repetition, homework, and class activities. The lecturer designed the course in a way that all students could interact in Thai during class time in order to gain confidence in their speaking skills. Thank you for the engaging course and good luck for future endeavors!

Christian Andreas Habermann Thai Usage for Communication
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