Language Center International College

Skill Based Course

Intensive Speaking

The Intensive Speaking course is designed to help students develop strong oral communication skills and fluency in English. This course focuses on providing extensive practice and interactive activities to enhance students’ speaking abilities, confidence, and proficiency in various speaking contexts. Through engaging discussions and other interactive exercises, students will improve speaking skills in authentic contexts, expand their vocabulary, and develop effective speaking strategies. hey will receive constructive feedback on their performance to improve their fluency, accuracy, and overall speaking proficiency. Learn More

Essentials of Writing

The Essentials of Writing course is designed to provide students with the foundational skills necessary to become effective and confident writers. This course focuses on developing essential writing techniques, grammar and punctuation rules, and critical thinking skills to enhance students’ ability to express their ideas clearly and coherently. Through a combination of interactive lessons, writing exercises, and feedback, students will gain a solid understanding of the writing process and the key components of well-crafted written communication. Learn More

Extensive Reading

The Extensive Reading course is designed to provide students with a rich and immersive reading experience that promotes language development, critical thinking, and a love for reading. Throughout the course, students will receive guidance on selecting appropriate texts, participate in class discussions, and engage in reflective activities to deepen their understanding and appreciation of the texts they read. By the end of the this course, students will have developed stronger reading skills, expanded their vocabulary, and developed a deeper appreciation for various reading passages. They will be equipped with the tools and motivation to continue reading independently, nurturing a lifelong love for reading and a thirst for knowledge. Learn More

Essential Grammar

The Essentials of Grammar course is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the fundamental principles of English grammar. This course focuses on developing essential grammar skills, rules, and usage to enhance students’ ability to communicate effectively and write with clarity and accuracy. Through interactive lessons, engaging exercises, and practical applications, students will gain confidence in their grammatical knowledge and improve their overall language proficiency. Learn More

E-mail Writing

The Email Writing course is designed to help students develop effective written communication skills specifically for professional and business settings. This course focuses on enhancing students’ ability to compose clear, concise, and impactful emails that convey their messages professionally and appropriately. They will be equipped with the tools and strategies necessary to communicate efficiently, build professional relationships, and succeed in their future endeavors. They will also receive guidance from instructors on best practices and common pitfalls to avoid in email communication. Learn More

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